Face-to-BMI: Using Computer Vision to Infer Body Mass Index on Social Media

Enes Kocabey* Mustafa Camurcu** Ferda Ofli*** Yusuf Aytar* Javier Marin* Antonio Torralba* Ingmar Weber***
ICWSM 2017
*MIT CSAIL, **Northeastern University, *** Qatar Computing Research Institute, HBKU


A person's weight status can have profound implications on their life, ranging from mental health, to longevity, to financial income. At the societal level, fat shaming and other forms of sizeism are a growing concern, while increasing obesity rates are linked to ever raising healthcare costs. For these reasons, researchers from a variety of backgrounds are interested in studying obesity from all angles. To obtain data, traditionally, a person would have to accurately self-report their body-mass index (BMI) or would have to see a doctor to have it measured. In this paper, we show how computer vision can be used to infer a person's BMI from social media images. We hope that our tool, which we release, helps to advance the study of social aspects related to body weight.

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